Estadio Gigante de Arroyito

Estadio Gigante de Arroyito

The Estadio Gigante de Arroyito, in Rosario, is home ground to local team Club Atletico Rosario Central. It is primarily a football venue, but has also been used to host concerts.

The stadium was selected as a host stadium for World Cup 1978. However, it required expansion to its current size to increase capacity to the required level. It was used to host six World Cup matches, three for the first stage and three for the second.

Location: Rosario

Capacity: 41,654

Construction: Building took place over two years, 1927-1929. The stadium was later renovated in 1957, 1963, 1968 and 1974-78.

Matches: Tunisia 3 : 1 Mexico (June 2), Poland 1 : 0 Tunisia (June 6), Poland 3 : 1 Mexico (June 10), Argentina 2 : 0 Poland (June 14), Argentina 0 : 0 Brazil (June 18), Argentina 6 : 0 Peru (June 21)

World Cup 1978 Venues : Estadio Monumental, Estadio Jose Amalfitani, Estadio Cordoba, Estadio Jose Maria Minella, Estadio Gigante de Arroyito and Estadio Ciudad de Mendoza.