Estadio Azteca

Estadio Azteca

Opened in 1966, the Estadio Azteca is located in Mexico City. It is the official stadium of Mexican national football team. It was originally able to hold 107,494 fans, this increasing to 114,600 by 1986. Currently the official capacity is 95,500, making it the largest stadium in Mexico and the third largest football stadium in the world.

The Estadio Azteca hosted nine matches during World Cup 1986. It hosted the opening match between holders Italy and Bulgaria. The venue was also used for three Group B matches as well as two Round of 16 clashes, one quarter final, one semi-final and the final between Argentina and West Germany.

For England fans the Estadio Azteca is best known for the quarter final against Argentina and infamous "Hand of God". Diego Maradona scored the opening goal against England. TV coverage showed the Argentine player using his hand to help the ball into the ne. However, the referee and linesmen missed this crime. England were livid! And being only a few years after the the Falklands War, this stirred a lot of animosity toward the Argentines.

Location: Mexico City

Capacity: 114,600

Construction: 1961 - 1966, Renovated in 1986, 1999, 2013

Matches: Bulgaria 1 : 1 Italy (May 31), Belgium 1 : 2 Mexico (June 3), Mexico 1 : 1 Paraguay (June 8), Iraq 0 : 1 Mexico (June 11), Mexico 2 : 0 Bulgaria (June 15), England 3 : 0 Paraguay (June 18), quarter final Argentina 2 : 1 England (June 22), semi final Argentina 2 : 0 Belgium (June 25), and the final Argentina 3 : 2 West Germany (June 29).

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