Estadio Tecnologico

Estadio Tecnologico

Home to college team Borregos Salvajes, Estadio Tecnologico is located in Monterrey in the Nuevo Leon region of Mexico. It is mainly used for football, but is a multi-purpose arena, hosting other types of events such as concerts. U2 played here in 2006.

Being a college stadium, capacity was orginally quite low. It opened in 1950 able to hold 20,000 fans. By 1986 this had been extended to 38,000. More recently it provided seating for 42,000 U2 fans.

The Estadio Tecnologico hosted four matches in the World Cup 1986 finals. One was a Group D tie. The others were three Group F matches, all involving the England team.

Location: Monterrey

Capacity: 38,000

Construction: 1950

Matches: Portugal 1 : 0 England (June 3), England 0 : 0 Morocco (June 6), England 3 : 0 Poland (June 11), Algeria 0 : 3 Spain (June 12)

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