Estadio Olimpico Universitario

Estadio Olimpico Universitario

Built in Mexico City in 1952, the Estadio Olimpico Universitario was, with a capacity of 72,000, the second largest stadium in Mexico. Being a multi-purpose stadiu, it has been used to host a number of significant sporting events. These include the 1955 Pan American Games, the 1968 Summer Olympics and, of course, the 1986 FIFA World Cup Finals. Famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright described it as "the most important building in the modern America".

The Estadio Olimpico Universitario was used to host four World Cup 1986 matches. Three were Group A games. The other was a Round of 16 match between Italy and France.

Location: Mexico City

Capacity: 72,000

Construction: 1952

Matches: Argentina 3 : 1 South Korea (June 2), South Korea 1 : 1 Bulgaria (June 5), Argentina 2 : 0 Bulgaria (June 10), Italy 0 : 2 France (June 17)

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