Giants Stadium

Giants Stadium

The Giants Stadium was built in the early 1970s to provide a new home stadium for American football team, the New York Giants. The Giants played their first game there in 1976. Eight years later the New York Jets joined them. Despite being a popular venue, the Giant Stadium closed in 2009 and was demolished the year later following the construction of what is now the MetLife Stadium.

There is an urban legend that Jimmy Hoffa is buried under the stadium, Hoffa's disappearance coincided with the the stadium's construction. However an investigation by the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters found no evidence of a body.

Giants Stadium hosted seven matches during World Cup 1994, including a quarter-final and a semi-final.

Location: East Rutherford, New Jersey

Capacity: 75,338

Construction: 1972 - 1976, Demolished in 2010

Matches: Italy 0 : 1 Republic of Ireland (June 18), Italy 1 : 0 Norway (June 23), Morocco 1 : 2 Saudi Arabia (June 25), Republic of Ireland 1 : 0 Norway (June 28), Mexico 1 : 1 Bulgaria (July 5) [Bulgaria won 3 - 1 on penalties], quarter-final Bulgaria 2 : 1 Germany (July 10), and semi-final on July 13 - Bulgaria 1 : 2 Italy

World Cup 1994 Venues : Rose Bowl, Pontiac Silverdome, Stanford Stadium, Giants Stadium, Citrus Bowl, Soldier Field, Cotton Bowl, Foxboro Stadium and Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium.